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The Vocal Vent

Ventriloquism, Mentalism, Magic and More!

The Vocal Vent

Ventriloquism, Mentalism, Magic and More!

Is It Possible to Throw Your Voice?


So how do you throw your voice, you ask?   If you are going to be a ventriloquist learning to speak from the stomach which is what ventriloquism really is, is what you must learn to do.   The cool thing about speaking from the stomach, or throwing your voice, is that the sound will appear to come far away from your mouth which is really awesome for fooling people!

 How does Ventriloquism Work? 

By now you’ve probably noticed that the art of ventriloquism is called just that because it is an art form that has to be developed and practiced over time. Ventriloquists must practice certain techniques to be able to do some stomach speaking.

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1. Take a deep breath

Make sure you practice your breathing.  Taking deep breaths will ensure that you’re taking in large amounts of air so that you can create pressure when the air goes through your esophagus.  Your breaths should be through your nose, not through your mouth so that you do not make a gasp.

2. Your Tongue Has to Be in the Top Position of Your Mouth

Your tongue has to be in position to touch the roof of your mouth near the back of your throat but don’t let it touch the soft part. This limits the amount of air coming out and will make that distant sound ventriloquists make.

3. Contract the Muscles of Your Stomach and Tighten Your Diaphragm

This will obviously put pressure on your lungs and will help you control your voice and the amount of air escaping through your throat.  This takes practice but with time, you can learn to do this.

4.  Practice Groaning and Ahhing

As you let the air out of your throat practice making low groans as the air escapes.  Do the same with the Ahhh sounds.  Make sure that you’re doing this as the air is escaping your lungs since the pressure you apply on the trapped air will give the impression of your voice being distant and coming from your stomach.  Hence the term stomach speaking.

6. Now You’re Ready for Words

Continue with the muscle control technique mentioned above, all the while practicing the groaning and ahhing.  Once you get comfortable, you can start “speaking” words.

Ventriloquist Tips and Techniques

learn ventriloquism tips and techniques

If you want to learn some ventriloquist tips and techniques you can also visit this site for expert tips.

And remember, do not practice so much that you strain your throat or hurt yourself.  Ventriloquism is  lost art that is slowly making a comeback and you can have lots of fun doing it but don’t hurt yourself while you learn!

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