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Ventriloquism, Mentalism, Magic and More!

The Vocal Vent

Ventriloquism, Mentalism, Magic and More!

Why Are Ventriloquist Dummies So Scary?


Why are ventriloquist dummies so creepy?   Because they ARE!! Let’s face it, some of these dolls look like they’re demon-possessed!  So rightly so, many people are afraid of ventriloquist dolls and feel that ventriloquist dummies are creepy.  This actually has a name.  It is called automatonophobia.  This is a fear associated with anything that remotely resembles a human being. Ventriloquist dolls are sometimes viewed as “sentient” beings,  which means it has the capacity to feel, perceive, and experience and interact with its surroundings. 

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Since ventriloquist dolls or dummies look and act very lifelike, many people find them creepy or distasteful.  The problem is that these dolls look very life-like and there is a theory out there called the “uncanny valley“.  This theory states that when non-living things or objects, have features that closely resemble that of living beings, we tend to be repulsed or even horrified by the dolls.  This is because there is a valley, or a negative correlation likeness to a person and how much the person is revolted by the dummy.

Why are ventriloquist dummies so creepy
This creepy ventriloquist doll from the early 20th century accentuates the belief that dummies are scary!

Hollywood and entertainment media has not helped allay the fear that people may have when it comes to scary ventriloquist doll stories.  Many books, films, etc. have centered around an evil character which happens to be a come-to-life, demon-possessed dummy.  People don’t really like dolls that remind them of real people; these life-like dolls tend to spook them.

When you add to this the demonic origins of ventriloquism, which some claim, many people are totally creeped out by these sentient dummies even more.

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Why are ventriloquist dummies so creepy?

These vintage photos of dummies will scare the bejeezus out of anyone because their creep factor is off the chart.

Of course if you love being deliciously scared here are the top 30 horror movies featuring terrifying dolls. 

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